Cyber criminals are an ever-growing group, and they are constantly coming up with new tricks to get people to download their malware. One of their newer tactics is to prey upon people’s desire for safety from malware by disguising malware inside of downloads that pose as anti-malware programs.

  • Trustworthy anti-malware programs do not advertise in pop-up ads or on questionable Web sites, such as gambling or pornographic sites.
  • Beware of any security applications that appear on your computer that you have not downloaded.
  • The program’s scan results should indicate whether or not the spyware program is legitimate. Rogue anti-spyware programs will report legitimate files and processes as spyware to scare you into thinking that you have several spies on your PC.
  • Google the product you are considering. If results such as remove product name appear, it is probably a questionable application.