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    Skip the Locks, Get a Prox Card

    Over Thanksgiving break, keypads on doors with electronic locks will be deactivated. This means that after Thanksgiving break, student and full-time employees who regularly use these doorways will not be able to type in their I-Numbers to gain entry to these rooms.

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    Smith Data Center Power Disruption Causes Connectivity Issues

    BYU-Idaho has been experiencing intermittent connectivity issues since Monday, October 31. These connectivity issues are due to a power disruption that took place in the Smith data center. BYU-Idaho Information Technology is aware of these issues and working to fix them as quickly as possible.

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    Job Offer Scams

    Incidences of scams and phishing attacks are constantly on the rise, and nowadays they have become more advanced - and more nefarious - than ever, preying upon students and job seekers. It is especially crucial to be aware of the dangers that lie behind phishing emails, fake job boards, bogus social media ads, or false job recruiting websites.

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    I-Learn 3.0 Terminology Updates

    Certain terminology updates were made to I-Learn 3.0 at the end of July 2016. Please make note, as your reference to different tools in I-Learn 3.0 may need to change.

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    Clearing Your Cache

    When you access a webpage on your computer, it often saves pieces of data to be used again the next time you access the page. This saved data, often called the cache, helps your computer run faster and create more familiar connections between webpages.