New Student Tips

Technology headache?

Visit the BYU-Idaho I.T. website at for helpful articles with information about how you can keep your computer safe.

Poor college student?

You can save $70 dollars and download the Microsoft Office Suite for free!

Is your password old?

Times have changed and so should your password. Change your password at least once a year and use at least 12 characters with a mixture of letters, capitals, and symbols. Don’t get hacked!

Forgot to print your paper?

BYU-Idaho has printers all over campus. Just connect to printers on campus by checking out the help article “Printing Wirelessly Anywhere.” Don’t forget to put money on your I-Card!

Got viruses?

You can block pop-ups. Check out our “Installing Antivirus Software” help article for information about how to find legitimate antivirus software.

Hooked into a scam?

If you get an email from an unknown sender offering something too good to be true, it probably isn’t true. Don’t get hooked into a trap! Learn how to spot, report, and prevent phishing scams by visiting the “Reporting Phishing and Junk Emails” help article.

Out of data?

You can connect to the BYU-Idaho wireless network on your phone by going to your Wi-Fi settings, selecting the “BYUI” network, and entering your BYU-Idaho username and password.

Out of storage space?

Don’t delete your apps or pictures! You have one free terabyte of cloud storage through OneDrive. Access OneDrive by clicking the waffle icon in the top right corner of your email and selecting “OneDrive.”

Is your computer failing you?

Get technology help fast! Call technology support at (208) 496-1411 for software related issues, and they will help you schedule an appointment with a tech expert.

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