NOTE: All printers require you to pay with money on your I-Card. 

Pharos Print is a website/app that allows you to upload documents from a computer or mobile device to the printing system server. The documents can then be printed from any print release station on campus.

Pharos Print Using a Laptop or Desktop computer

1. Navigate to the Pharos Print Center(You can bookmark the page for future reference.) 

2. Log in using your BYU-Idaho username and password.

3. Click the Upload button.

4. Select your document, then use Print Options to change document characteristics:

  1. Color (black-and-white/color)
  2. Sides (double-sided/single-sided)
  3. Pages per side (1 or 2)
  4. Copies (number of copies)

5. Log in to one of the many print releases stations on campus to print your document. See below for more information on how to use the print release stations.

NOTE: The dollar amount is shown in the bottom left of the page (usually a negative number) is a record of how much you've spent on that print job. The Pharos Print Center website cannot show how much money is available on your account, but the print release stations on campus will.

Pharos print using an iPhone or Android mobile device

NOTE: Mobile Print does not provide an option to print only certain pages out of a multiple-page document. 

1. Open your device's app store. 

2. Search for, install, and then open Pharos Print. 

    NOTE:You can customize what notifications Pharos Print sends you in your device settings. 

3. Enter as the Server and 443 as the Port when prompted.

4. Sign in using your BYU-Idaho username and password.

5. Submit a document for printing.

  1. On an Apple device, SubmitShare, or Copy a document to Copy to Pharos Print. 
  2. On an Android device, tap Upload in the Pharos Print app and select the document you wish to print. 

NOTE: On Apple and Android devices, it is very easy to accidentally submit a document that is not compatible with the Mobile Print system. In those cases, the document will not be submitted or found by the app. Make sure your document is compatible with the Mobile Print system before you send it. 

6. When the word “processing” displayed next to the print job is replaced with a dollar amount, the job is ready to be printed. Select the print settings you want.

  1. Color (black-and-white/color) 
  2. Sides (double-sided/single-sided) 
  3. Pages per side (1 or 2) 
  4. Copies (number of copies) 

NOTE: The default settings are mono (black-and-white) and two-sided (prints on both sides of the paper). You must manually change the settings before releasing the print job if you want different settings.  

7. Log into one of the print release stations on campus to print your document. See below for instructions on how to use the print release stations.

How to use print release stations

  1. After sending your document to the printing server, sign into print release station using your BYU-Idaho username.

  2. Swipe your I-Card. This will identify the account you wish to use to pay for the print job.

  3. Select and print your documents.