This article describes how to begin using the AirMedia as a wireless projector systme that can mirror Android, Apple, and Windows devices in classrooms and conferences rooms across campus.

1. Turn on the projector and press the AirMedia icon on the touch panel. A page with the Creston logo will appear on the projector screen.

2. Go to the App Store and download the Creston AirMedia app. Open the application when it finishes installing.

3. After reviewing the Mobile Apps Terms of Use and Privacy Statement, check the boxes and tap Agree.

4.Enter the web address from the bottom left of the projector screen into the search bar of the app and tap Present with AirMedia.

5. A box notifying you that you are about to start an AirMedia presentstion will pop up. If you would like to opt out of the notification in the future, check the box Don't show again and tap Start Now.

6. A box requesting the AirMedia code will appear. Enter the four-digit code found in the bottom left of the projector screen. Tap Ok.

7. Once you have started your AirMedia presentation, the two options on the Airmedia app either stop the presentation or disconnect from AirMedia.

NOTE: Stopping the presentation will allow you to resume presenting without entering in a new AirMedia Code. Disconnecting from AirMedia will cause a new code to be displayed on the projector screen, and this new code will need to be entered to start a new presentation.