November 20, 2017
Writer: IT Communications Writer

If you are in college, Thanksgiving is your first break from school since the start of the semester. For some this means driving or flying home for a few days of family, food, and fun; for others, it means sticking around Rexburg.

Either way, being able to connect with family that is far away always makes holidays a little better. Being able to connect with family over the holidays is a great way to take a break from the stress; and thanks to technology, there is less of a need to travel long distances to feel like the whole family is together.    

There are tons of ways to bring family together during the holidays using technology that we love. From a phone call to Skype to FaceTime, we have tech that helps us to connect with our families. There are also several other apps such as Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, and WhatsApp, along with tons of others that help families connect.    

Personally, for my family it has been a huge blessing. Most of us are able to be there in person when we get together, but we also have family living in different states, or even different countries, who aren't able to make it for the holidays. So to make it feel a little closer, we use Skype and FaceTime to video chat with them. We connect a laptop or a tablet to a bigger monitor or screen, and we gather around and have a conversation just as if we were all physically together.    

On some holidays like Thanksgiving, we will even eat dinner at the same time to make it feel as close as possible to the real thing. When we do this, we are able to feel like they are there and they get to experience activities and conversations with us.    

It can feel a little silly but it definitely helps us stay close as a family. During Thanksgiving we always feel a little more thankful for family and technology. Sometimes this will be the only time during the year we will get to see them, and it is always awesome to see how everyone has grown and matured.    

Technology enables us to stay close to our families, whether our circumstances over the holidays allow us to travel our not. With the constant development of new apps and technology, we can't wait to see the ways we can connect with families over Thanksgiving in the future!