December 13, 2017
Writer: IT Communications Writer

As a student, the best words you can hear are "free," "class is cancelled," and "there will be pizza there". We may not be able to help with those last two, but we can certainly help with the first! Several companies provide their programs and services to students for free; or at least, for significantly cheaper than you'd pay otherwise.

Office 365 - If you are a BYU-Idaho student, you can get Office 365 for free through the BYUI Bookstore. This means that you can get Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more, all without paying a time. These programs are pretty much necessities for students, and anyway, it's awesome because who doesn't like free stuff?  

FedEx - FedEx provides 30% off shipping, which can be super helpful when you really need to ship that thing home that you accidently packed, or make sure your mom gets her birthday present on time.  

Apple - Apple has a student discount on its computers, phones, and other gadgets. You can also get Apple Music for only $4.99 a month. If you, like me, are a fan of Apple devices, this is an awesome find. I have used it on my laptop and my Apple account and it is a huge lifesaver.  

Adobe - Adobe Creative Cloud is available for students for $19.99 a month. The Adobe Creative Cloud suite of programs includes Photoshop and Illustrator - lifelines for any student involved in Communications or Graphic Design. Whether you use these for your classes, your overall major, or just for fun, being familiar with Adobe products is really helpful in life. With a great discount on those products, you can become an Adobe pro.  

Lenovo - Lenovo offers 10% off for students and teachers, and 0% APR financing. When it comes to laptops for college, saving money is a huge bonus that can really help with finances and if Lenovo is your preferred brand then this is an awesome deal.  

Dell - Students get a 10% off coupon for PCs from Dell. Just like with Apple and Lenovo, if you prefer Dell for your college laptop then this is another great deal just for students.  

Amazon - I will be the first to say that this is one of my favorite student deals. You can get Amazon Prime for just under $50 a year, and even get a six-month free trial of Prime before paying anything. Prime has been a lifesaver for me during times when I've needed something that I couldn't get in Rexburg (or I just didn't feel like putting on real pants and leaving the comfort of my apartment).  

Spotify - Spotify Premium only costs $5 a month for students. Even better, Hulu is included in the Spotify Premium purchase for students. If you are someone who enjoys listening to music while doing anything, having Spotify is great, and at $5 a month for students, it is definitely doable.

College is already expensive enough, so we are here to help you have the best experience possible. Hopefully these student deals will help you live your college life like you have a platinum limitless credit card - without breaking the bank.