December 6, 2017
Writer: IT Communications Writer

Office 365 is a super useful tool. With Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and OneNote to name a few, Office 365 can seriously improve your academic experience and just life in general.

Even better, Office 365 is free to BYU-Idaho students, faculty, staff, and administrative employees. This is news we want to shout from the top of the I-Center! (But since we can't do that, we'll settle for shouting it on this blog instead.)  

Sadly, there are still people who don't know this yet. People like Gladys (name has been changed) ...  

Gladys's Story   

Gladys was a college student in 2011. As all students do, she needed to write papers, make presentations, and build spreadsheets. Office 365 offered everything she needed to complete these tasks, but there was only one problem: it was $70. That's a lot for a poor, unemployed college student to spend on one computer program.   

However, Gladys decided it was worth it. She spent the $70 on Office 365 and used it for her classes over the next four years. She wrote all her papers and made all her presentations and felt like she was really getting her money's worth.   

Then last spring semester, shortly after her college graduation, Gladys learned that Office 365 is free for college students. For Gladys, this was simultaneously beautiful and devastating. On one hand, she was devastated because she spent $70 that she hadn't needed to. (She could've gotten like 19 Little Caesars pizzas with that money!) On the other hand, she was excited that no other students would have to suffer the way she did as long as they knew Office 365 was available for free. To that end, Gladys partnered with us to tell her story and prevent others from making the same error she did.   

Now we, along with Gladys, are here to help students avoiding spending money on programs if they don't need to. So, here it is one more time: Office 365 is free to all students, faculty, staff, and administrative employees. If you haven't gotten your free copy yet, read IT's tutorial to learn how!