November 15, 2017
Writer: IT Communications Writer

If you are a student at BYU-Idaho who has declared a major, you have probably had to go through creating a multi-semester class schedule, otherwise known as a "grad plan." Here at BYUI we call our grad planning tool "I-Plan." I-Plan can take some getting used to, but overall it provides lots of super helpful information all in one place! It helps you to map out steps for your academic success at BYU-Idaho.

I-Plan offers several aspects to help you stay on track, including: 

Class planning. I-Plan helps you keep track of what classes you have taken and what classes you still need to take in order to graduate. It helps ensure that you are taking the right classes, as well as getting prerequisites done so you can get to the future classes you want and need.

Academic information. I-Plan tells you how many credits you have taken and your current GPA. It also updates every semester with the classes you're taking so you can tell whether you're on track for your planned graduation or not. 

Life planning. I-Plan also offers a capabilities assessment that helps to figure out your strongest skills. After you take the assessment, it will suggest possible careers best-suited for you. It also helps you to see information about annual wages, job opportunities, and growth in your field.

Using and maintaining I-Plan while you are at school can help you stay on track with classes and graduate in the semester you want. You will always know what to expect out of your coming semesters, what to do to prepare for classes with heavier workloads, and what sort of long-term academic plans you should make.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of I-Plan:

Start using I-Plan early. Using I-Plan early on in your college career can help you figure out what classes you should take, and can give you a good overview of what your future academic career will look like. If you change majors or take different classes than you planned, you can always update I-Plan as you go along.

Keep I-Plan updated. Be sure to check I-Plan at least once a semester to make sure that you're taking all of the classes you need and to prepare for coming semesters.

If you need help with your grad plan or have questions, ask your academic advisor. If you have questions about what classes to take, what order to take classes in, or even if you are in the right major for you, your academic advisor can help. They can also help you figure out what each section of I-Plan means and how it applies to you.

I-Plan is a super useful tool for staying on track academically while you're at BYU-Idaho. Even though it can take a little while (sometimes even a long while) to get the hang of it, I-Plan helps you to stay organized and graduate in your planned semester.

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