You can authenticate your access to BYU-Idaho with a passcode that is texted to you or shown in the Duo Mobile app if you do not want to authenticate with a Duo Mobile push or a phone call.  

  1. Log into your BYU-Idaho account.

  2. Select the box next to Remember me for 30 days. 

  3. Select Enter a Passcode. 

  4. You will have the option to enter a passcode from Duo Mobile or a text. If you select Text me new codes, you will receive a text with a seven-digit code to the phone number you previously entered in Workday. If you do not have phone service, you can go into the Duo Mobile app and view the new code that way. Enter the passcode to access your account. 

For New Employees: 

  1. Log into your BYU-Idaho account.

    log in page

    2. Click Start setup.

    protect your account page

    3. Click Mobile phone.

    adding mobile device page

    4. Enter your phone number.

    enter phone page

    5. Verify the phone number you entered is correct and click Continue. 

    click continue button

    6. You will be shown a list of cell phone types. Choose the other (and cell phones) option. 

    7. In the next screen, select remember me for 30 days and then select Enter a passcode. 

    Duo verification page

    8. You will see a blue bar across the bottom of your screen. Select Text me new codes inside the blue bar.

    9. A code will be texted to you. Enter the code into your computer, then click Log in.

    You are now set up with 2FA and logged in to your account! You will only need to do this when logging into your BYU-Idaho account from an off-campus network, and only every 30 days per device and browser.

    NOTE: If you receive a code like this when you are not trying to log into your account, it means that someone is trying to get into your account. Ignore the code, and make sure to change your BYU-Idaho password as soon as possible.