After a thorough evaluation of the Canvas Learning Management System, we are excited to announce BYU-Idaho’s decision to use Canvas as our official LMS.

The first courses will be taught in Canvas starting Fall Semester 2018 and will take several semesters to complete. The full transition is projected to be finalized by Fall Semester 2019. Online Curriculum Development will convert the courses. Although layout and instructions will change, the course outcomes, content, assessments, and activities will be carefully preserved. Course leads and ORCs will be contacted for a prototype lesson review before the course is converted. Training will be provided to help online instructors learn the process of working in the new Learning Management System.


Canvas Transition FAQ's

Online employees have many questions about the transition of courses, especially when it comes to the timing and roles they will play in course transition. The FAQ section will help answer many of these questions.

I-Learn Canvas Update Announcement

On June 13th, and official announcement email was sent to online instructors. Read the official announcement from Online Vice President, Jon Linford.

LMS Evaluation

The LMS Evaluation process took place over several semesters, and concluded with the committee compiling and presenting a final analysis and recommendation report.