1. Is it possible that one of my classes will not be found in either LMS?
    Yes, it is possible that your professor may not be using either LMS. Be sure to check your class schedule for a full course list.

  2. When will the transition be completed?
    Many courses will be switched over to I-Learn Canvas each semester. The full transition is projected to be finalized by the Fall 2019 Semester. After the completion of the transition to I-Learn Canvas, all courses will be in one system.

  3. What are some features that Canvas offers?

    Student cell phone app:
    The Canvas Student app allows students to check classes, review assignments, and see their grades on their mobile devices.

    Simple, clear, and intuitive functionality:
    Canvas makes it easy to learn and stay current. Navigation within Canvas is clear, concise, and intuitive.

    To-do calendar:
    This tool allows students to get a clear view of assignments for each class and when they are due.

    Streamlined grading: The grading experience is optimized for ease of use and functionality. This makes it easier for students to find any and all comments their teachers left on their work.

    What-if calculator:
    The gradebook feature allows students to calculate possible grade outcomes.

  4. How can I learn more about the Canvas Student app?
    For Apple devices, go to the Canvas Student iOS Guide.
    For Android devices, go to the Canvas Student Android Guide.

  5. Where can I get more help?
  • Within I-Learn Canvas, the Help button on the lower left-hand side of each page explains all the ways a student can reach out for help in their Canvas courses.
  • Contact the BYU-Idaho Support Center (BSC) at (208) 498-1411 or in the Live Chat window on BYU-Idaho web pages.
  • Look for help in the Canvas Community Website.