As recently announced, the University will be moving all courses to the Canvas learning management system. Online and on-campus courses will go through slightly different course conversion processes. This article will help you find answers about the online course conversion process. 

When will my course convert?
A plan to convert all courses is being coordinated with course council designers and program councils to occur in sequence over a few semesters. We will not be transitioning all the online courses in a whole department or program in a single semester as we did with our last LMS conversion. The full conversion of all BYU-Idaho courses will take several semesters and is projected to be finalized by Fall Semester 2019. Online Curriculum Development will contact each course council as well as department chairs as soon as we are ready to begin conversion on each online course.

As a course lead for an online course, what will my involvement be in the course conversion process?
We anticipate minimal time commitment from the course lead and OCR. However, we may have a few questions in preparation for the conversion and will ask the course council to review one converted lesson and give feedback before the rest of the course is transitioned.

How will the process of course conversion work for online courses?
This conversion will primarily involve the curriculum designer moving the currently designed course from Brightspace to Canvas. Current outcomes, content, assessments, and activities will be carefully preserved. Any changes you may desire to these components would need to be scheduled separately. We anticipate some adjustments to layout, instructions, file structure (not contents or sequencing), and naming conventions to fit the new LMS and simplify the online student experience. 

What will the online curriculum designer’s role be in the course conversion?
We have assigned each online curriculum designer to a set of about 20 courses to convert. These courses have been grouped by department and program. They subdivide and fall within program council portfolios. Since the same designer will oversee the conversion of each of the courses within these program areas, we hope we will be able to unify program communication and consistency among the courses in each set. Because of this new structure, entire departments and programs will not convert to Canvas in a single semester but will be spread out over the course of the full campus conversion process.

Will I need to train online teachers how to use Canvas?
No, the Instructor Development team will contact online instructors regarding Canvas training. Training will be provided to help get online instructors up to speed. From the experiences in the Canvas pilot, we anticipate the intuitive nature of Canvas being very helpful in the overall transition.