PLEASE NOTE: University policies are in the process of being transferred into the new BYU-Idaho Policy Library.  You may want to check the new policy library before searching on this website for a policy.

Only policies and procedures that have been properly approved should reside on the University Policies website. Policies and procedures located on the University Policies website are considered "official" University policies and procedures that apply to the entire campus community. 

Procedures for creating or amending University policies and procedures: 

  1. Line management will contact Human Resources for overall coordination before beginning the process of initiating new policy or proposing changes to existing policy. 
  2. Line management will work directly with BYU-Idaho Legal Counsel, where needed, to obtain a legal review. 
  3. Once the appropriate vice president has approved the policy, he will forward the document to the President's Council for consideration and final approval.
  4. The appropriate vice president will advise Human Resources of action taken by the President's Council so the new or amended policy can be added to the University Policies website.