Training Material

The purpose of this training is to be able to find peace in stressful situations that you might find yourself in at work, and be able to understand how to cope with stress inducing situations in the workplace.

No matter where you work, you will at one point experience something stressful in the workplace. Certain things that you encounter however can be controlled. Stressful things can be repetitive, which means either you have experienced it before, or others have experienced the same thing as well. Angry phone-calls at the front desk, numerous projects, anxiety, and time management, are all categories that stress can fit itself into. Knowing that there are people in the workplace that are going through the same things as you everyday can be therapeutic itself.READING MATERIALDMBA Living Healthy ProgramStress in the Workplace (Participant Booklet)Mental Health (Resources from 


How to make stress your friend | Kelly McGonigal