Training Course


Professional workshop similar to 7 Habits and Crucial Conversations.

Trainer: Jeremiah Cochran from Human ResourcesA 20-hour professional workshop spanning over a 5-day periodCost: $100 per attendeeMore than just your average leadership training program, "Leadership: Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results" helps your leaders discover how to inspire trust and build credibility with their people, define a clear and compelling purpose, create and align systems of success, and unleash the talents and energy of a winning team. Leaders spend their efforts creating a place where people want to stay and contribute their best effort, time and time again, helping your organization achieve its most critical priorities.LEADERSHIP TRAINING PROGRAMFranklin Covey's Leadership: Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results program takes a process-oriented approach to developing great leaders who learn how to:

  1. Build trust and influence with others.
  2. Define their team's purpose and their "job to be done."
  3. Create a strategic link between the work of the team and the goals of the organization.
  4. Connect the work of the team to the organization's economic model.
  5. Align the four essential systems of execution, talent, core work processes, and customer feedback.


  • Pre-work to help you prepare for the experience, including defining a personal leadership challenge or opportunity you want to focus on.
  • An experiential training experience featuring over 30 award winning videos.
  • A Leadership Quotient® (LQ) assessment to measure your leadership capabilities against the 4 Imperatives of Great Leaders.
  • A full set of electronic tools, videos, and other resources to help you implement what you've learned and achieve new levels of results when you return to your organization.
  • Exclusive access to online leadership training tools, expert interviews, and other resources at
  • Participant guidebook
  • A follow-up Leadership Quotient assessment (six months after the program)