Instructions: Following the Learning Model

  • Prepare: Spend at least 15-20 minutes studying the information listed below.
  • Teach One Another: Spend 5-10 minutes teaching the associated principle to an individual or group.
  • Ponder and Prove: Reflect on each principle, make plans, and set goals to improve.


A steady upward course is a focused and constant movement toward an aspired destination that is full of purpose.


  • What does "a steady upward course" mean for me and my experience at BYU-Idaho?
  • How can correctly identifying and remembering my divine identity determine almost everything in the pursuit of accomplishing my goals and becoming who He would have me be?
  • How can I do my part to become the legendary type of person Elder Eyring prophesied about?


"The Lord cares about you...and the institution is largely determined by you...Things happen here directed by the Lord in a rather specific way for your benefit." - Elder Henry B. Eyring

"Each of you, individually, has had messages sent to you throughout your life, just as this institution has had messages sent to it about what the Lord sees as special and distinct." - Elder Henry B. Eyring 



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By: Stephanie Wenzel, Human Resources, Training and Development