Training Course


Learn and apply the concept of The 4 Disciplines of Execution at a seven week workshop held bi-weekly. Learn how to successfully execute a goal by applying these practices and principles. Active participation in this workshop will empower you to succeed in a business, family, personal, or religious setting.


Week 1: Discipline 1 - Learn how to identify and focus on the "Wildly Important Goal" (WIG); brainstorm with your team

Week 2: Discipline 2 - Identify Leads and Lags for WIG's; learn how to apply them to your team

Week 3: Discipline 3 - Create Scoreboards and how to best use them with your team

Week 4: Discipline 4 - Cadence of Accountability - Bringing it home

Note: You must commit to attend all four trainings as they build on one another. This training is designed as a cohort experience. Attendees will engage with one another through online and face-to-face experiences to maximize learning and real application of content.

4 Disciplines of Execution (FranklinCovey)