Changes to BYU-Idaho Employee Benefits

Several changes have been made over the past year to absence-related benefits for full-time eligible employees. These changes include:

  • Paid Maternity Leave Benefit (effective April 1, 2017)
  • Paid Parental Leave Benefit (effective April 1, 2017)
  • Short-term Disability Benefit (effective January 1, 2018)
  • Sick Time Accruals Capped at 60 days (effective March 5, 2018)
  • Accelerated Vacation Time Accruals for Staff Employees (effective March 5, 2018)

Paid Maternity Leave:

Eligible employees: Female Faculty, Administrative and Staff Employees of .75 FTE or Greater

All full-time benefited employees who give birth receive up to 6 weeks of paid maternity leave to recover from childbirth. The leave begins at the birth of the child and must be taken in consecutive days.

Employees planning to use maternity leave should consult with their manager or department chair in advance to coordinate on proper coverage of work assignments and classes.

Paid Parental Leave:

Eligible employees: Faculty, Administrative and Staff Employees of .75 FTE or Greater

Full-time benefited employees who give birth, whose spouse gives birth, or who adopt a child can take up to 5 days of paid parental leave to bond with their new child.

Employees must take this leave in 5 consecutive days within 3 months of the birth or adoption. Employees who are also taking maternity leave may take the parental leave following their 6-week leave.

As with maternity leave, coordination with line management is necessary in advance of taking this leave.

Short-Term Disability:

Eligible employees: Faculty, Administrative and Staff Employees of .75 FTE or Greater

Full-time, benefited employees who become ill or disabled and require extended time away from work may request this benefit which pays two-thirds of their compensation from day 8 to day 45 of their absence.

Please note that employees will need to submit a doctor's note stating that they are unable to perform their work duties, along with an anticipated date of when they will to return to work in order to receive this benefit.

Employees who receive this benefit are not eligible to supplement the two-thirds payment with available sick or vacation benefits so as to receive full pay. As such, it may be more advantageous for employees to use available sick and vacation benefits at full pay instead of relying on short-term disability with reduced pay. Individual circumstances should be evaluated in consultation with Human Resources.

Note: Faculty do not accrue sick leave. While this short-term disability benefit is available to faculty, other benefits as outlined in the policy entitled "Disability Benefit Guidelines for Faculty" override the need for short-term disability. Please consult with Human Resources if ever circumstances arise where this benefit may be in question.

Sick Time Accural:
Eligible employees: Administrative and Staff Employees of .75 FTE or Greater

Sick time accrual will now be capped at 480 hours (60 days). Employees who have accrued more than 480 hours will be able to keep their accrued sick time, but they will not accrue additional sick time until their accrued time drops below 480 hours.

Employees hired on or after January 1, 2018, will receive an advance of 5 days of paid sick time at their time of hire, in addition to scheduled accruals. The maximum annual accrual of sick time will remain at 12 days or the FTE equivalent (for example: .75 FTE = 9 days).

Please note that the Sick Leave Policy (Policy 2-6 K) has been revised to include additional changes.

Vacation Time Accrual:

Eligible employees: Staff Employees of .75 FTE or Greater

Vacation time accrual will accelerate for staff employees. The updated vacation accrual schedule is as follows:

Old Accrual Schedule

Employee of 0-4 Years: Employee of 5-9 Years: Employee or 10-14 Years: Employee of 15+ Years:
12 days a year 15 days a year 18 days a year 22 days a year

New Accrual Schedule

Employee of 0-3 Years: Employee of 4-7 Years: Employee of 8-11 Years: Employee of 12+ Years:
12 days a year 15 days a year 18 days a year 22 days a year

Accruals are prorated according to one's FTE. If you have any questions regarding these changes, please visit the HR website or contact Human Resources at 208-496-1700.

2018 Benefit Changes PDF