Student employer consulting with student employee at a desk.



Due to the recent transition into Workday students, student employees who have previously worked on campus will work with the Student Employment Team on a case-by-case basis if they do not have an I-9 on file in Workday. Typically, students who have not completed the hiring process within Workday will need to do so.
No! Due to the complexity of legal requirements, the completion of the I-9 includes extensive training, which is currently for Human Resources personnel only. This is to protect the university from potential liability issues.
Currently, there are not available trainings for new employee responsibilities. For any retraining requests, please reach out to the User Experience Team at
Student Employees are required to have an unpaid lunch break if they are working full time. For more information, please review the WorkWeek Policy
Access to special systems can be requested through the special systems link found in the Employee Tab  if you don’t have access to this, please have your supervisor email Patrick Powell at
2017 Job Categories and Suggested Pay Rates

• Regular Jobs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $8.70 (requiring general skills and no specific education or work experience)

• “Leads” and “Specialists”. . . . . . $8.95 (requiring prior education, experience, or certifications)

• Coordinators . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $9.80 (requiring managerial/supervisory or highly specialized skills)


Job requisitions are created in Workday in order to hire students. Please see the following step-by-step Job Requisition Tutorial for further instructions.
In order for student employees to be hired in Workday, supervisors must hire them through the job board. For step-by-step instructions, view the Hire a Student Employee tutorial. For more information on how to set up a job posting for student applications, view the Post to the Job Board tutorial.
Due to F-1 Visa regulations, International students CANNOT exceed 20 hours on their on-track semesters. Be sure to closely monitor hours. View the International Student: Policy page for more information on international students.
Due to the one employer rule with the Church, in order for a student to work under the Church umbrella they cannot show that they are working for another church entity. Also, to keep Workday system and records clean for payroll and reporting purposes, students must be terminated when not working on-campus.
“End Additional Job” is only available if a student employee has multiple on-campus jobs and the job being viewed is the Primary Job. Terminate is an option if the student employee only has one job. If you choose to terminate a student, their Workday account will not be accessible. For more information about these processes, view the End Additional Job and Terminations tutorials.
If a student employment is to be terminated for cause (involuntary) please consult with McKinzie Cole, Employee Relations Coordinator to ensure proper procedures are followed. If you choose not to bring a student back for the upcoming semester no authorization is necessary. It is recommended that appropriate communication with student is made to inform them of the reason they will not be returning.


The time off functionality in Workday is to be used on a department-by-department basis and at the supervisor’s discretion.
On-track students CANNOT exceed 20 hours except on peak weeks. Domestic students who are off-track may only work 40 hours per week in ONE APPROVED position. International students have the option to work multiple jobs on their off-track up to 40 hours.
The frequency of students submitting time is determined by supervisors. All time must be submitted by 11:59 the Sunday before payroll is due.
All departments are permitted 2 weeks in a semester in which their students can work up to 28 hours. If department choose to use peak weeks besides the first and last week of the semester, please contact the Student Employment Team, with which students will be doing so. International Students CANNOT exceed 20 hours during peak week on their off track.
Student employee’s hours are tracked. If students exceed 20.0 hours, they and their supervisor will receive a warning. With the second occurrence of working over 20 hours will result in the contacting of all upper level management.
According to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Student Employees may not exceed 1500 hours per academic year (October 15-October 14). If students have worked for any other Church entity, this will count towards their ACA hours. However, a student is not to work more than one position over 20 hours within an academic period even if their hours are well below the 1500 threshold.
To access a student employee’s ACA hours, please contact the Student Employment Team at (208) 496-1712 or
Within Workday run the “BYUI TT Hours Worked” report. This report allows a supervisor to see how many hours a student employee has worked at BYU-Idaho for the time period specified. To find this report login in to Workday and in the search bar search, “BYUI TT Hours Worked”. Note: This report will just show hours worked on-campus, not total ACA hours.


Exception request forms need to be completed by the direct supervisor with specific position and/or employee information and justification as to why an exception is necessary. Once the form has been completed it must be approved through line management up to the respective vice president. Download the Student Employment Exception Request Form.
The purpose of the exception request form serves two main purposes:
  1. Manage Affordable Care Act (ACA) hours
  2. Protect job opportunities for on-track, on-campus, degree-seeking students
An exception request form is necessary when a domestic student will exceed 20 hours in one job on their off-track or an international student working in one position for 40 hours. These exception requests are to be used when no other students can fulfill the role and responsibilities.
An approved, on-campus internship is considered an on-campus job. All approved 40-hour internships do not require an exception request. Domestic students working in a 20-hour internship are not permitted to have a second on-campus job.
An ongoing exception request form is used for positions that different students can fill each semester as long as they have not already worked over 20 hours in an academic year. Individual exceptions are for one student for one semester to work over 20 hours. International students do not require an exception request to work in multiple jobs on their off-track unless it is for 40 hours in one position.