Student counseling with a career counselor in a comfortable office.

Job Search Tips

  • Network: Connect with employees, departments, and other students across campus to build relationships that can lead to future job opportunities. For more networking tips, click here. 
  • Update Resume: Be prepared by having an updated resume with the help of the Career Networking Center.
  • Follow-Up: Be sure to follow-up after inquiring about a job opportunity. This shows dedication and diligence.
  • Be Professional: Communicate, dress, and act professionally to gain credibility with future employers
  • Apply for Multiple Jobs: The more jobs you apply for the higher chance you have of obtaining a job.
  • Get Involved: Volunteering can diversify a resume by providing new skills and showing an investment in the community. Click here for on-campus volunteer opportunities.

Interview Tips

  • Be Yourself: While maintaining professionalism, let your personality show and strongly present yourself in order to stand out from other applicants.
  • Have Purpose: Future employers want applicants that are passionate, have interest, and a purpose for the position applied for.
  • Ask Questions: Good questions show the interviewer you are prepared and invested in the position while allowing you to collect important information and distinguish yourself from other applicants. Here are  10 Job Interview Questions You Should Ask.  
  • Research: Be prepared for the interview by reviewing the job description and understanding the organization's purpose, structure, and goals.
  • Thank You: After the completion of the interview write a personalized thank you card to each interviewer expressing gratitude for the time spent in the interview and the opportunity to work with them in the future.