Student in a security uniform training a new employee.

New Hire Process

Upon being hired as a student employee, you must complete the new employee onboarding process before your first day of training and/or work.

Students are NOT authorized to work until the following onboarding process has been completed.

International Students: Please see additional necessary steps.

Step 1

The following must be completed before coming into the Human Resources Office:

  1. Review the Student Employment Policies.
  2. Locate unexpired original form(s) of acceptable identification.

Step 2

Visit the Human Resources Office located in 226 Kimball with the original form(s) of acceptable identification and the completed Student Agreement Form. Plan to spend about 30 minutes to complete the new employee onboarding process.

Once proper identification has been shown to a Student Employment Representative, the creation of a Workday account will be authorized. A Student Employment Representative will assist you in entering and completing the following in Workday:

  • Student Employment Agreement Form
  • Contact Information
  • Personal Information
  • Form I-9 Sections 1 & 2
  • Withholding Elections (W-4)
  • Payment Elections (Direct Deposit) - Account and Routing Numbers are necessary to complete this step.

Step 3

The following must be completed upon submission of the steps above:

Step 4

Once the new employee onboarding process has been completed in the Human Resources Office, you are eligible to begin training and/or working.