Each year, a few employees (or groups) are selected to receive the Exemplary Employee Award.

Please note that previous recipients are not eligible. To see a list of previous recipients of this award, click below.

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The President's Executive Group will make the final determination of those who will be  honored.

Exemplary Employees will be recognized by the President's Executive Group during the All Employee Banquet in the Fall of each year. 

Guidelines to Consider for Selecting Exemplary Employees

The following criteria should be kept in mind as exemplary employee nominations are made.

  1. Exemplifies the guiding principle that "Every person at BYU-Idaho is a teacher." While President of BYU-Idaho, Elder David A. Bednar taught, "Each interaction with a student or colleague is a potential teaching and learning opportunity."
  2. Demonstrates a positive attitude.
    • Takes interest and pride in their own specific assignments and BYU-Idaho as a whole.
    • Is cooperative, courteous, friendly, and demonstrates a concern and helpfulness to other employees.
    • Always presents a neat personal appearance.
  3. Is conscientious in the performance of job duties.
    • Demonstrates a high degree of skill and proficiency in carrying out assigned tasks.
    • Strives to improve skills and work methods as a means toward greater productivity and efficiency.
    • Is a willing worker, accurate, demonstrates initiative, and does not require constant supervision.
  4. Goes the "Extra Mile."
    • Has performed specific and unusual activities worthy of recognition at BYU-Idaho.
    • Volunteers time and expertise to other persons and organizations in the community.
  5. Has been working for BYU-Idaho for a minimum of 5 years.