Steve Kugath


Phone Number   208-496-4710
Email Address
Address   251 CLK

Advising Area

Outdoor & Adventure Education. Adventure Tourism. Recreation Facility Management & Design.

Courses Taught

RM 123 Basic Skills
RM 223B Backpacking
RM 223E Mountain Biking
RM 223F Rock Climbing
RM 223G Mountaineering
RM 223K Outdoor Cooking
RM 223L Canyoneering
RM 224C Canoeing
RM 225A Cross Country Skiing
RM 225D Winter Mountaineering
RM 307 Accessible Recreation
RM 320 Program Management
RM 483 Facility Management
RM 487 Research and Evaluation
Spring and Summer Summit Programs


Recreation Management (2001)
B.S. Brigham Young University 1990
M.A. Brigham Young University 1992
Re.D. Indiana University, 1999