Banner There are changes to the Skiing/Snowboarding classfor the 2014 academic year. Please be aware that for the 2014 winter semester the ski/board class will be non-credit .The class fee is $425 and we are excited to announce that all participants will have the following benefits while participating.
1) Season pass to Grand Targhee Ski Resort available as soon as Targhee opens in 2013. 

2) 10 bus trips to the mountain.
3) 8 lessons from professional ski/board instructors.

Please sign up for the class while registering for the 2011 winter semester.

Class codes are ESS 095 for Skiing and ESS 096 for snowboarding.

For more information please see the frequently asked questions below.

Frequently asked questions:

Q.What if I have already purchased a season pass at Grand Targhee and want to take the class?

A.Go ahead and register for the class. You will be refunded for the season pass you already purchased. You will need to work this out with the Activities Center at Grand Targhee

Q.What if I am not an on track student? May I still register for the class?

A.Yes you may.  Please register for the continuing ed. class and you will be able to designate the day you will attend class at the mandatory meeting.

Q. Where do I pick up my voucher for my season pass?

A. You may pick it up at the BYUI Activities office in MC 101.  You will need to present this to the Activities office at Grand Targhee to receive your Season pass.

Q. May I receive a refund if I drop the class.

A. You may as long as you have not redeemed your voucher for the season pass.  Once you have received your season pass, there are no refunds.

Q. Do I have to ride the bus?

A. No, you do not have to ride the bus. However it is strongly recommended that you do. There are no refunds for not taking the bus.

Q. What days are the ski class offered?

A. Thursday through Saturday.

Q. May I enroll in telemark ski lessons?

A. Yes. Please register for ski class and you may visit with the instructor about how to arrange this.

Q. Do I need to attend the mandatory meeting at the beginning of the semester?

A.Yes, you need to attend the mandatory meeting at your assigned class time in the Hart Main Gym.

Q. Where can I rent equipment if I don't own my own?

A. You may rent equipment at the Outdoor Resource Center under the North end of the stadium on campus. Additionally, you may also rent equipment from Grand Targhee Ski Resort or from the Sled Shed on main street in Rexburg. The class price does not include rentals.

Q. Where do the busses depart from?

A. The buses depart from the west side of the Hart building at your assigned class time.

Q.May I ride the bus on a different day other than my class day?

A. No, you may not.