Exercise Physiology (481-109) 
The exercise physiology major is a program that focuses on the scientific study of the physiological process involved with human movement. It includes instruction in muscular and skeletal anatomy; molecular and cellular basis of muscle contraction; fuel utilization; neurophysiology of human movement; systemic physiology of specific activities and exercise; the physiology of injury; and the effects of disabilities and disease. After receiving a degree in exercise
physiology, our graduates have a wide variety of opportunities, including attending graduate schools in medical, dental, pharmacology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician's assistant, and other professional health areas as well as graduate programs in exercise sciences.

Exercise Physiology Program Design and Prescription (481-136)
Students interested in pursuing careers or graduate work in the areas of fitness, strength and conditioning, coaching, athletic training or wellness coaching will benefi t from taking the following classes: aerobic Fitness Techniques, Sports Conditioning and Strength Training Theory and Application. These applied classes are designed to strengthen a student's preparation toward various national certification exams and provide extensive hands-on experience.