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My area of experience is Applied Exercise Physiology with focuses on strength and conditioning and personal training. Students who have taken our classes have a 100% pass rate on the NSCA’s Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Exam. Students interested in certifications in these areas should consider taking the following courses:

ESS 204 Aerobic Fitness techniques
HS 305 Health and Fitness Appraisal and Prescription
HS 365 Kinesiology
ESS 347 Sports Conditioning
ESS 375 Exercise Physiology
ESS 381 Strength Training Theory and Application
HFED 350 Sports Nutrition


The following instructors and I all work together to provide necessary expertise for students interested in these topics:
Holly Allen (Group Fitness)
Jay Keller (Sports Nutrition)
Eli Lankford (Exercise Physiology-research)
Lynn Perkes (Kinesiology and Exercise Prescription)
Ferron Sonderegger (Sports-specific Training)

Courses taught

ESS 346 Wrestling Theory (Winter)
ESS 375 Exercise Physiology (Fall, Winter, Spring)
ESS 381 Strength Training Theory and Application (Fall, Winter, Spring)
ESS 497 Seminar (Fall)

Courses Previously Taught

ESS 117 Racquetball
ESS 147 Soccer
ESS 177 Fit for Life
ESS 178 Weight Training
ESS 179 Olympic Weight Training
ESS 320 Motor Development
ESS 347 Sports Conditioning
ESS 350 Evaluation and Administration
ESS 365 Kinesiology and Biomechanics