The purpose of this interview is to provide information on employment patterns for accreditation. Information we are requesting in this survey is for accreditation purposes only and will not be made public.

Name: Phone:

Email Address:

Permanent Address:

Gender: Male Female
Birth date:

Marital Status: SingleMarried Other
Number of Children

Religious Affiliation: LDS Other

Degree Information for Exercise Sport Science Majors

Minor or Clusters:
Date awarded: Cumulative GPA:

College Experience

Total Semesters attended:
Semesters at BYU-Idaho
Honors received or positions held at BYU-Idaho
BYU-Idaho Employment Internship Teaching assistantOther

Other Experience

Non BYU-Idaho Employment:
How did you find your position?

Volunteer Experience:
How did you find your position?

Where When

What leadership skills have you developed and how?

What countries have you toured?

Plans After Graduation
Are you employed? Yes No In the area of your training? Yes No

Employers Name & Address

Position: Salary:
# of other offers Salary range:

What has the department done to help you secure employment?

Graduate School:
Have you been accepted into a graduate program? Yes No
If yes, describe the program, give the name of the University and the name of the graduate program..

Other Plans:

Short Term

Long Term

Program Evaluation
1. How well do you feel that your major program has prepared you for successful completion of your goals?

2. What do you consider the most valuable part of your major experience? Why?

3. If given the opportunity, what would you change about your major program? Why?

4. How could we have been of more help to you in completing your program?

5. What is the single most important thing the department/college can do to improve its program?

6. What are the strengths of the current program?

7. What are the weaknesses of the current program?

8. What classes in the department are most and least important for early level workers in your field?

Most Important

Least Important

9. Are there any classes you would cut or any required course that should be electives?
Classes to cut

Classes to become electives

10. Are there classes that should be added?

11. What issues, skills and competencies do we need to spend more time on?

12. Was duplication of course content a problem when you were a student in our program? Explain

13. How prepared do you feel for finding a job in your field? Describe any concerns.

14. Comment on your experience with your advisor? How could it be improved?

15. What can the department do to make the internship a more meaningful experience?

16. Comment on the quality of teaching in the department.

17. What additional insights or suggestions do you have that would improve the quality of the program?

18. What scheduling problems did you experience in your program?

19. If you were starting your program again, what would you do differently?

20. Do you feel you were spiritually strengthened by your experiences in Recreation Leadership? How?

21. Do you feel your character has been developed? How?

22. Have your leadership skills been enhanced? How?

23. Did your BYU-Idaho education prepare you for lifelong learning and service? How?