Student Living Meeting

Landlords are expected to host a Student Living Meeting at the beginning of each new semester. These meetings represent a perfect opportunity for landlords/managers to teach important principles that build and/or strengthen roommate relationships and sets a general tone for the property. The Student Living principles, Love, Mutual Respect, and Shared Responsibility, are the focus of this meeting as they are applied to the apartment setting. In short, Student Living Meetings should favor principle-based dialogue over rules-heavy instruction. That does not mean that rules cannot be communicated and discussed, but understanding the principle of respect, for example, will influence a young person's behavior far more than simply reading or being told the rule. The Lord's ultimate desire is for His children to learn to govern themselves by true principles.

How do I Have a Successful Student Living Meeting?

Student Living Meetings can be conducted in a variety of ways. No matter which way you conduct your meeting, the most important element to your success is your own personal preparation and conviction to what you teach. As you plan your meeting, give great consideration to its structure, the way you present your topic(s), the actual content of the presentation, and the use of various resources. For further guidance please review the items below on how to have a successful Student Living Meeting.

Where To Get Started?

Sometimes it is hard to know where to start. With limited time between semesters and/or limited teaching experience, preparing a Student Living Meeting can seem impossible. To help alleviate this burden, we have a number of outlines already prepared for your use. As you prayerfully consider the needs of your residents, identify an outline that works best for them. Do your best to prepare in advance to foster the outcome you desire for your meeting.