Frequently Asked Questions

Who can live at Centre Square?

Any eligible BYU-Idaho single student.

When can I move in?

Students can check into their apartments according to the start date listed on their contract. 

Early check-ins are not permitted. Students arriving early are asked to make arrangements for local lodging at hotels or with a friend or relative until the contract start date. 

Please be sure to have your BYU-Idaho student I-number on hand for check-ins.

Do I have to live on-campus as a freshman?

No, freshman can live in any approved housing.

When is my rent due?

You can check all payment due dates in Contract Information page.

Can my family stay with me during the first few days of check-in or checkout?

Guests, including parents, are not allowed to stay overnight at Centre Square during the weeks of check-in and checkout.

Can I decorate my room?

Yes. Appropriate decorations (posters, pictures, etc.) are encouraged. Please do not attach decorations with tape or nails. We recommend purchasing special adhesive such as Sticky Tac or adhesive wire hooks.

Where is the Housing & Student Living Office?

We are located on the second floor of the Kimball Building, room 240.

How can I prepare to live with roommates?

Living with people you've never met can be fun and exciting. It may also present challenges that, without help, can be discouraging and difficult. Students at BYU-Idaho live a model of governance called Student Living. Within this model, students learn to truly be their brother and sister's keeper. Students should carefully study the principles of Student Living before arriving on-campus. To learn more, visit our Student Living website.

How do I sell my Centre Square contract?

To post your contract for sale, please log into the Centre Square Contracting Website and select the contract you wish to sell.

How do I change my bed selection?

Log into the On-Campus Contracting website and select the contract you would like to change, then click change rooms.

Is there storage?

Yes. We have a variety of storage options available. 

Apartment Storage
Each apartment has 1-2 large hall closets for storage. See Features for images and more details. 

Building Storage
There are large storage areas in Centre Square buildings where luggage can be stored while attending BYU-Idaho. 

Long-term Storage
We have 860 sq ft of storage space in building 3 and 2620 sq ft in building 1. Students may store items in space free of charge if they have purchased a continuing semester contract at Centre Square. Students must store their items in plastic totes. Each container must be clearly marked with a label provided by the Centre Square office staff. Students may not store computers, stereos, or any other valuables. Storage is available on a first-come, first-served basis and is limited to five 18-gallon plastic storage totes per student.

What size sheets will I need?

You will need to bring extra-long twin sheets.

Is there a place for my bike?

Yes. A bike rack is available at each Centre Square building. For long term storage, a bike storage area is provided in the student storage area of buildings 1 and 3. 

We encourage students to register their bikes with the University Parking Services Office. There is no charge to register a bike. Students are responsible to remove bikes from Centre Square when leaving BYU-Idaho. Students are encouraged to use a bike lock to secure their bikes. Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, etc. should not be ridden inside the buildings or in the green space areas.

How far is the nearest grocery store?

1.2 miles north of Centre Square is Broulim's.
2.6 miles north of Centre Square is Albertons.
3.7 miles northeast of Centre Square is Walmart. 
See Location for more details.

Are there ADA apartments?

Centre Square has a total of eight ADA units available. If you have any other questions regarding ADA apartments, please contact the Housing & Student Living Office at 208-496-9220 or for more information.


All entrances to each Centre Square building are locked for security during specified evening hours. Students are counseled to lock doors to their apartments to protect personal belongings and to provide additional security. It is essential that each student take responsibility for complex security, such as seeing that doors are properly secured and not propped open.

Can I take a tour of an apartment?

Of course! Please contact our office and our friendly staff would be happy to give you a tour of our apartments.

Can I wear shorts?

Knee length shorts and shirts with sleeves may be worn at the complex. Flip flops can also be worn. Please dress modestly. Refer to the For Strengh of Youth Pamphlet for guidelines.