Fasion Show

The theme of this year's Fashion/Floral Gala was "Forget Me Not". The inspiration behind this was that, our families and friends in the past have left us a legacy of elegance, strength, and modesty. We wanted to honor that by dividing the past 100 years of history into 4 time periods; 1900's - 1920's, 1939's - 1940's, 1950's - 1960's, and 1970's to present. We then made 4 display areas that were decorated with memorabilia to show these strong characteristics.

Some of the fascinating items on display were baby shoes, an iron, clothing, and even a pearl necklace from the 20's that came from a Great great grandfather's mother who adopted him from one of the "Orphan Trains" that carried lots of the NYC homeless children across the United States to be adopted by people for labor at their homes as kind of a 'foster child' system of taking care of the homeless children in NYC. In the 40's time period, were other fascinating items among which was a "Parachute Graduation" dress. During WWII, several women made their wedding dresses and graduation dresses out the parachutes that saved their loved ones lives. This custom was also a necessity as fabric was also rationed under the L85 rationing law during the war. In the other time periods were wedding pictures of some of the Floral Committee's parents and grandparents. These students made wedding bouquets to replicate their loved ones in the same design, showing the styles of past trends in Floral design. Sis. Christine Gilbert's wedding dress was also on display to show the elegance and modesty of the mid 1990's. We appreciated her willingness to help.

Overview of Fashion Show

Our Fashion students worked on committees with the Floral committees to help not only design and set up the booths, but help with keep the Fashion History information factual and accurate. Our learned so many faith promoting stories about their ancestors not only sacrifice, but temple worthy modesty and elegance. The Applied Plant Sciences Floral students also decorated the gym with 150 feet of garland around the stage and other beautiful floral arrangements to decorate the rest of the areas including the refreshment tables. There was also a photo booth where people could get their pictures taken with fresh floral hair pieces.

The goal of the Apparel Design students was to show and demonstrate the legacy that they are passing on to their posterity and to show that elegance and modesty are still in style. All the Apparel Design classes taught this semester except Home Décor, participated in the Fashion Show. All the Apparel Design teachers helped their students design, sew and have their garments ready on time. We had a little over 90 student's model fashionably modest apparel. All the students involved, participated in a 'Modeling Camp' on Friday night and another 'Run Through' on Saturday morning to be professionally prepared for the show. Paul Mitchell; the School, came and did all the model's hair and makeup for free also before the show. The Bridal class was the finale with 15 senior level students modeling 2 semi-formal dresses and 13 wedding dresses. There were over 4,000 hours of sewing put in by the Bridal students. These were all truly elegant and temple worthy gowns.

The day was felt to be a success with approximately 600-800 people attending. Channel 8 local news also covered the event with other paper news agencies.

Bouquets in the Air