What is Apparel Entrepreneurship?

The FCS Apparel Entrepreneurship prepares students for work in the Apparel industry, a multi-billion dollar industry. By focusing on apparel design with an entrepreneurship core, students are more prepared to be the most successful upon graduating.

Why Apparel Entrepreneurship?

This degree pairs apparel design and construction courses with entrepreneurship courses. This prepares students to work in the fashion industry or to develop their own apparel-based small entrepreneurial business either from the home, online, or in the start-up business arena. Apparel Design and Construction students will also complete an industry internship.

Apparel Entrepreneurship Program Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the Family and Consumer Sciences Apparel Entrepreneurship major should be able to do the following:

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in advanced apparel techniques using the principles and elements of design
  2. Use accurate fashion industry terminology to identify trends in the fashion industry
  3. Use CAD Pattern Design and other computer-aided design programs to create original apparel designs
  4. Create a business plan
  5. Apply characteristics of professionalism as defined by the professional dispositions rubric

Apparel Entrepreneurship Courses


  • B351 - Social Media Marketing (3)
  • B383 - Launching New Ventures (3)
  • B302 - Financial Management IBC (3)
  • B342 - Marketing Management IBC (3)
  • B322 - Organizational Effectiveness IBC (3)
  • FCS208 - Fashion Design and Merchandising (2)

Apparel Design

  • ART102 - General Art-2D (2) 
  • ART130 - Introduction to Graphic Design (3) 
  • FCS207 - Apparel Construction I (2)
  • FCS221 - Home Decor Design (2) 
  • FCS235 - Children's Clothing Design (2)
  • FCS245 - Pattern Making (3) 
  • FCS307 - Apparel Construction II (4)
  • FCS345 - Fitting and Alteration (3) 
  • FCS360 - Textile Science (3)
  • TA362 - Theatrical Costume Design (3) 
  • FCS490R - Special Studies in FCS (1 - 3)

View BYU-Idaho Course Catalog for more Apparel Design classes.