The Bachelor of Science Degree in Child Development offers an overview of scholarship and research in the study of children. The core courses in this degree are intended to focus on knowledge about children in their environments, such as home, school, and community. Emphasis is given to the application of scholarly knowledge with the goal of helping children and their families to develop. Practicum and internships are built into the core curriculum to give practical knowledge and hands-on experience in working with children, families, and agencies that serve children and families.
Students pursuing this degree have many career options, but the degree is primarily designed for those who desire to work with children and their families in community or government agencies. Students should consult with their advisor about possible academic and career options such as

  • A focus on agencies or organizations that serve young children and their families.
  • A focus on agencies or organizations that serve adolescents and their families.
  • A focus on a scholarly understanding of children and families.
  • Preparation for graduate study in the field of child development or early childhood education.