The demand for Political Science graduates is increasing in various professional fields around the world. Political Science related careers require various levels of education.  

Careers in Political Science

Legislative Director
Legislative Directors work in the offices of Congress to help teams develop public policy. They move agendas forward, plan initiatives, and supervise the staff.

A lot of Political Science students continue their education with law school. Political Science students are prepared with essential research, communication, political, and analytical skills necessary for law.

Political Science majors will be prepared to negotiate with officials and influence policy for their employers. A career in lobbying doesn't require a graduate degree.

Policy Analyst
Policy Analysts study political systems to understand historical trends and predict outcome of certain policies. They closely monitor political events and trends to write forecasted reports for government agencies and political platforms.

Political Consultant
Political Consultants help political campaigns make decisions on field strategy and voting efforts. They organize advertising efforts to elevate their candidate and political party.

City Planner
City planners decide where to place streets, buildings, businesses, and homes in a community. They work with local government and businesses to make those decisions.

Other Careers

Public Relations Specialist
PR specialists work for various organizations to create and maintain a favorable public image of an organization. They are responsible for advertising, responding to the public, and public announcements.

Intelligence Analyst
Intelligence Analysts research and analyze information to help organizations make decisions about security threats. They usually work for government agencies.

Consumer Advocate
Consumer Advocates protect customers from fraudulent practices, dangerous products, and unfair prices. They usually work for social, civic, or government organizations.

A degree in Political Science well prepares anyone looking to teach American government at a middle school or high school level.

Journalists with a background in political science can cover domestic or international policy. They need knowledge in video cameras and computer software. Journalists also need great speech, writing, and broadcasting skills.