Political Science Mentors Program

The Political Science Mentors Program seeks to match current juniors and seniors in Political Science and Public Policy/Public Administration with mentors in related fields. The program seeks volunteer mentors from among BYU-Idaho alumni or friends of the university employed in any field that may be of interest to students in our majors.

Mentors can be a valuable source of career advice and professional development. Mentors can assist students with drafting a resume, preparing for job interviews, and developing a professional demeanor. As students work with a mentor, they can gain useful experience and insight into career options and potential networking opportunities.

Mentors should:

  • Be reasonably accessible
  • Give constructive criticism and counsel

Students should:

  • Respect the time of their mentors (don't be late for appointments)
  • Prepare for meetings and conversations
  • Not expect mentors to write resumes, complete job applications, or find job openings for them

Mentors or students who are found to abuse the program may have their profile pulled.