Did you know? The median salary for a Public Health professional is $51,960 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015)

Internship Overview

It is never to soon to be thinking about an internship. Network, ask questions, and research. The more exposure you have to various settings and populations, the easier it will be to decide where you will want that capstone experience.

For more general information about internships, visit the internships office site:

Tips for Finding an Internship

  • Remember!!! Your personal network is your most valuable tool. Ask friends, relatives and others you know if they are aware of any internship opportunities in the public health field.

  • Contact the agencies you are MOST interested in working for. If you would like to work with the Centers for Disease Control, then contact them (or look up internship information on their website) and investigate opportunities. Most agencies are willing to work with your through a formal or informal process.

  • Set up a meeting with the peer mentors and discuss what other students have done. You can find their information above on the left. Also ask your firends, or subscribe to the Facebook alumni page. 

  • You can take advantage of the opportunity to complete an internship, it just takes some time and effort.

International Student Internship Requirements

    1. In addition to the standard requirements for internships, our international students must receive approval from the International Office as well. Without their approval they will not be authorized to register for the class which is what triggers the International Office to generate a CPT for the student so that they may work legally in the United States.
    2. International students who do not receive approval from the International Student office before starting to work at an internship will lose their international student visa.