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Our Services

3 EMTs treating a dummy patient

Mission: BYU Idaho Emergency Medical Services is committed to providing prompt, professional and compassionate BLS pre-hospital care to the students, staff and patrons of BYU Idaho in an effort to improve the safety of the University.

Who are we?

The BYU Idaho EMS is a Basic Life Support (BLS) non-transport Emergency Medical Service (EMS) agency licensed and regulated by the State of Idaho. We provide stand-by EMS services to the University in an effort to provide prompt, professional and compassionate BLS care to the students, staff and visitors of BYU Idaho. Our EMTs have been certified nationally by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT), licensed by the State of Idaho and undergo ongoing training to maintain those certifications. The agency and it’s EMTs adhere to and practice Idaho’s Statewide Protocols & Procedures for BLS providers that have been set forth by the Idaho EMS Physician Commission.

Want to help?

The BYU Idaho EMS Agency is always looking for enthusiastic NREMT certified EMTs who are interested in using their skills to serve the patrons of BYU Idaho. Volunteers can gain valuable experience and earn many of the continuing education credits required to renew their EMT license. To volunteer, EMTs must complete a comprehensive credentialing process to ensure their competency and understanding of BLS skills and agency policies and procedures. Don’t have your Idaho EMT License? No problem - fully credentialed volunteers qualify to receive their Idaho EMT license through affiliation with BYU Idaho EMS. If you are interested in volunteering as an EMT please contact us at for more information.

Want to be an EMT?

Interested in becoming an EMT? While we do not offer an EMT Basic certification course you can find NREMT approved courses through Eastern Idaho Technical College & Idaho State University.

Need our help?

Do you have an event you would like to staff with medical professionals? We can help! We offer our services to all departments of the University who are hosting events on campus. Our agency is staffed by nationally certified, state licensed volunteer EMTs who adhere to Idaho BLS protocols and procedures. If you have an upcoming event that you would like to staff with EMTs please review the EMT Request Form and return it to us filled out at