Your guide to graduation

This guide will help you complete important tasks and give you valuable information so you can succeed during your time at BYU-Idaho. It will support you along the way as you prepare for a career or graduate school after graduation.

Step 1 of 6 - What do you want to do?

Identify your Educational Strategy

As you begin your education, it's important to have a strategy behind your classes and goals as a university student. In this section you can search career ideas, find career exploration resources, contact an advisor, sign up for workshops, and more!

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Research Careers

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Major to Careers

Occupational Outlook

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Find a Workshop

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Career Preparation

Career Workshops

Step 2 of 6 - What will it take?

Choose a degree to fit your strategy

After choosing a career path, the next thing to do is pick a major to help you get there. In this section you can explore degrees that BYU-Idaho offers and change your declared major with an academic advisor.

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Explore Majors

Majors, Minors, and Clusters Information

Majors, Minors, and Clusters

Major to Career

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Alternate Plans

Alternate Plans

Explore Other Options

Step 3 of 6 – How should you plan it?

Plan courses within your degree

Now that you have a career path in mind and the related major declared, you're ready to plan your classes. In this section you can use the grad planner to explore courses and find the registration system to register for your classes.

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Explore Courses

BYU-I Courses

BYU-I Catalog

Recommended Class Plans

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Register your Courses

Register for Classes


Step 4 of 6 – How are things going?

Assess your growth and use study helps

As you are in the mix of taking classes, use these resources to stay successful. You can continue to refine your educational strategy by learning more about your intended industry and keep the good grades coming with help from the Tutoring Center.

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Career Expectations

Career Help & Resources


Tutoring & Other Resources

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Schedule a Tutor

BYU-I Tutor

Schedule a Tutor 

Step 5 of 6 – What’s next?

Find the right job

Making your educational strategy a reality should begin early in your college experience. It takes more than good grades to get a good internship or job. In this section learn how to network with professionals, search for jobs and internships, and reach out to possible mentors.

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Make Connections

Career Connections

Career Preparation

Career Services

Register an Internship

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Search Opportunities

Jobs and Careers

Career Navigator

Job Search Tools

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Get a Mentor

BYU-I Mentors

Alumni Networking

Step 6 of 6 – Is more schooling required?

Prepare for Graduate School

Your chosen career may require more schooling or certifications. Use this section to research and find out more about graduate schools and programs out there that can put you one step closer to your career goal.

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Gruaduate Schools

Graduate School Guide

BYU-I Articulation Agreements