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Involvement Opportunities

Social Activities invites students to gather, develop socially, discover their capacity for success and obtain a lasting desire to help others recognize their own potential.

  • Team Members counsel with manager and assist in the planning & execution of an event
  • Student Managers are responsible for the planning and execution of events with the help of a council of volunteers. Managers counsel with their Coordinator about their stewardship and how to meet the needs of the students.
  • Student Coordinators oversee groups of Managers with a common focus. Coordinators help Managers understand their roles and teach them about available processes and resources that help them execute programs and events without stepping in and doing the work of the managers themselves.
  • Student Director oversees a category of programs and events in an area. Student Directors do not execute the day-to-day tactical duties of creating and running events and activities, but are primarily responsible for teaching, training and empowering the coordinators.
  • Student Area Director oversees an entire area of Activities. Student Area Directors are primarily responsible for teaching, training and empowering the Student Directors in that area.
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Hours/time commitment

Team Member 2-4 hours and between 2-6 hours during week of event

Manager4-8 hours

Coordinator8-10 hours

Student Director10 hours

Area Director10 hours

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Tatiana Crandall (Area Director)

Phone: 540-226-7338

Email: Bre09004@byui.edu

Ayanda Godi (Student Director)

Phone: 801-915-3815

Email: God09004@byui.edu

Daniel Fisher

Phone: 208-313-0117

Email: Fis09001@byui.edu

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