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Course Planning

The B.S. degree in Geology is for students who want to be a professional geologist or for those who have an interest in the earth but want a different professional career (e.g., environmental law, medicine, business, geo-economics, and so on). 

  • Geology majors take core geology and related courses in a wide variety of areas including chemistry, physics, and calculus.
  • Professional geologists are paid to use science and math to study Earth’s systems through geologic time and to solve problems regarding the Earth’s resources, hazards, water, and environments. Professional Geologist salaries and job outlook
  • Many entry level jobs require a M.S. degree in geology, geophysics, or hydrology. About 80% of our graduates earn one of these degrees.
  • Geology is a Fall/Winter track. You can change tracks as required by your grad plan.
  • Many geology majors at BYUI complete an undergraduate mentored research project and present it at a professional meeting or at the campus Research and Creative Works Conference. Students who complete an undergraduate research project are attractive applicants to graduate programs.
  • Geology majors develop important skills that are transferable across many professions.
  • Geology majors are required to participate in field camp one spring semester. This is a 6-week, intensive field-based course that lasts from mid-May to July 4th.) Why Take Field Camp?