Majors, Possible Careers, and the Course list for Fine Arts Focus Area.

Do you enjoy art, music, theater, or dance? If exploring your contribution to artistic fields as a career seems exciting, the Fine Arts focus area could be for you. Take classes that teach you about music, communication, theater, and the visual arts as you explore your definition of art and learn to appreciate many art forms. Experience and participate in fine arts as you explore creative expression and the history of art. Learn about the different careers an artist can follow and where you can contribute your talents to the world!

Course List

Semester 1

  • *REL 250C or 275C, assigned based on Cohort (2)
  • *GS 100 - Career and Self Discovery (1)
  • MATH 108X - Math for the Real World (3)
  • MUS 101 - Music & the Humanities
  • *COMM 150 - Interpersonal Theory & Practice (3)
*Courses with an asterisk are those that are part of the student's cohort.

Semester 2

  • REL 250C or 275C, whichever was not taken in Semester 1 (2)
  • GECIV 100 – American Heritage (3)
  • ART 101 – Introduction to the Visual Arts (3)
  • TA 115 – Introduction to Theatre (3)
  • Elective Course (1-3)