Majors, Possible Careers, and the Course list for Education Focus Area.

Do you love to teach and imagine yourself helping others learn? This focus area explores education as a career. Your classes will introduce you to the teaching profession and explore the roles and responsibilities of an educator, the look and feel of today's classrooms, and the important issues and challenges encountered by educators in a diverse society. Find out if education is for you as you develop an individual philosophy of education and learn how you might shape future generations.

Course List

Semester 1

  • *REL 250C or REL 275C, assigned based on Cohort (2)
  • *GS 100 – Career and Self Discovery (1)
  • MATH 108X – Math for the Real World (3)
  • *ED 200 – Teaching as a Profession (2)
  • ED 211 – Tech for the 21st Century Classroom (2)
  • SPED360 – Diverse & Exceptional Students (2)

*Courses with an asterisk are those that are part of the student’s cohort.

Semester 2

  • REL 250C or REL 275C, assigned based on Cohort (2)
  • HUM 110 – Introduction to the Humanities (3)
  • ED 304 – Educational Psych & Human Development (3)
  • ED 361 – Principles of Teaching & Assessment (3)
  • Elective Course (1-3)