Majors, Possible Careers, and the Course list for Business, Communication, and Management Area Focus.

Are you interested in a business or communication-related career? To find out, consider the Business and Communication Focus area. As part of this focus area, you will take classes in business, economics, and accounting, and learn about opportunities in other business-related areas such as communication and information management, marketing, business strategy, operations, finance, and analytics, and human resource management. You will gain an understanding of how decision-makers employ management, leadership, analysis, and communications skills to achieve business and personal success.

Course List

Semester 1

  • *REL 250C or REL 275C, assigned based on Cohort (2)
  • *GS 100 - Career and Self Discovery (1)
  • MATH 108X – Math for the Real World (3)
  • *ECON 150 – Economic Principles and Problems – Micro (3)
  • BUS 101 – Introduction to Business (3)

*Courses with an asterisk are those that are part of the student’s cohort

Semester 2

  • REL 250C or 275C, whichever was not taken in Semester 1 (2)
  • GESCI 110 – Sustaining Human Life (3)
  • ACCT 201 – Financial Accounting (3)
  • BA 211 – Business Fundamentals (3)
  • Elective Course (1-3)