Joining a Teaching Team

BYU-Idaho faculty that teach Foundations courses are expected to participate in a teaching team for their course. If you are interested in or have been assigned to teach a specific Foundations course, please contact the Dean or Associate Dean of Foundations who can provide you with more information and refer you to the team lead. To contact us, click ‘Contact’ in the menu above for details.

Requesting Materials and Resources

Foundations has been provided with some financial resources for providing curricular and materials support for Foundations courses as needed. Please contact the Foundations Office for details and for making requests by using the ‘Contact’ link above.

Using Teaching Assistants

The University provides Foundations with budgetary resources to provide teaching assistants (TAs) for Foundations courses as needed. However, once hired, faculty members are responsible for tracking and approving all hours worked by their TAs through Human Resources’ Workday system. To request a TA, click on this link: Request a TA

Proposing New Courses

From time to time, Foundations and faculty members have proposed and developed new courses for the Foundations Program. Please contact the Dean or Associate Dean of Foundations for more information.