In Foundations, we encourage faculty to implement best teaching practices, including the Learning Model, in their courses. Below you will find links to excellent resources developed and updated by the Instructional Development office here on campus.

Common Faculty Questions

I was just assigned to teach a foundations course. What do I do next?

Contact the Foundations Office to learn who your team lead is. Contact him or her and arrange a meeting.

Can I hire a TA to help me with my foundations course?

Yes! See the “Teaching Teams” link on the “For Faculty” page here on our website

I teach a foundations course and would like to request additional materials or supplies. Who do I contact?

Contact the Foundations Office for details. Click ‘Contact’ above.

I'm making copies for my foundations course. Does foundations pay for them?

No. It has been agreed that all copy expenses for Foundations courses are borne by individual departments.

Who do I contact with questions about scheduling my foundations course?

Just contact the Foundations Office and we will help direct you to the scheduler for your course.

If you didn't find the answer to your question,