At BYU-Idaho we seek to provide an academic experience that will challenge you intellectually and prepare you for further study, employment, and the role you will fulfill in your families and communities.

To that end, the university offers a unique general education program called Foundations. As the name suggests, Foundations provides a strong basis for both your BYU-Idaho education and your lifelong learning pursuits.

The Foundations program at BYU-Idaho strives to do the following:

  • Help the University achieve its mission and outcomes.
  • Provide a broad and deep liberal arts general education experience for our students.
  • Facilitate the faculty’s development of skills, knowledge, collegiality, and shared vision as they collaborate and teach in interdisciplinary teams.

Foundations plays a central role in helping the University achieve its mission and vision by helping students build a strong foundation in faith, science, the arts, critical thinking, writing, quantitative literacy, and cultural awareness upon which their chosen degrees are built and from which they may draw as life-long learners.