Policies and guidelines are established so that each student will be charged appropriately for the costs incurred and the time spent in school. They also encourage students to notify BYU-Idaho if they decide not to attend so that their class spaces will be available for other students. A refund results only after all debts and obligations to BYU-Idaho have been paid.


  1. Students are responsible to drop their classes at anytime before and after school begins. They may drop classes using the phone registration system, the Student Access System (SAS) terminals, the Internet Home Page (by contacting the Registrar's Office or contacting the Dean of Students Office). Refunds and charges will be based upon the date classes are actually dropped, not on the days actually attended.
  2. When all classes are dropped before classes begin, the student is considered as having cancelled his registration. After classes have begun, the student must contact the Dean of Students Office (KIM 290, 208-496-9200).
  3. Once a person has registered, all or part of the Registration Deposit will be lost. Consult the catalog for the deadline before which only $10 of the Registration Deposit will be lost. After that deadline, the entire $60 will be lost. If the student does not register and decides not to attend, the entire $60 Registration Deposit will be returned to them.
  4. After classes begin, refunds for tuition are made only when the student has officially withdrawn from school, or dropped from full-time to part-time status after the Final Payment Deadline. Refer to the catalog for the percentage which will be refunded. The percentage is the same for both withdrawals and changing to part-time status.
  5. If a student withdraws from school between when classes begin and the deadline for adding classes, they will be charged up to the time of withdrawal, whether or not they actually attended all of those days.
  6. Class fees and Student Health Insurance are non-refundable after the Final Payment Deadline.
  7. The Rixida (yearbook) order is optional and may be cancelled up to the Final Payment Deadline.
  8. Refunds for Campus Housing and for Meal Contracts are based upon the conditions of the contracts.
  9. Calculated refunds for over payments by the student will be credited in the following order: (1) Stafford Loans, (2) Pell Grants, (3) BYU-Idaho Scholarships, (4) outstanding student debts, (5) to the student. Any money due to the student will be processed and mailed within thirty days of notification of withdrawal or dropping to part-time status.