Revised:    August 15, 2013

A corporate credit card or personal credit card of the employee should be used to pay for travel-related expenses rather than obtaining a cash advance. Personal charges should not be made on the corporate card.

  Upon an approved credit application by the issuing bank and at no charge to the employee, the University provides a corporate credit card to any full-time employee who travels at least once a year. The University encourages all personnel who travel frequently to have one of these cards to be used for business travel-related expenses. Application forms for a new University Travel Card are obtained from the Accounting Office during normal business hours (ext. 1991). Corporate cards are issued in the name of the employee who in turn is responsible to pay the balance owing by the due date listed on the statement from the credit card company. Receipts for expenses must be submitted with the T.A. at the end of the trip to obtain reimbursement. Credit card charge slips are not acceptable as a receipt unless detail of the transaction is included on the slip. Monthly statements are not acceptable. The reimbursement should be used by the employee to pay the balance owing on the card. If the corporate card is not paid on time, it is subject to cancellation and personal credit may be affected. If the card is lost or stolen, the employee is responsible to immediately contact the credit card company (VISA: 1-800-847-2911) and then the Accounting Office (KIM 130, ext. 1991). University and individual liability for charges ceases as soon as this notification is given.

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