Vehicles should be rented through the BYU-Idaho Fleet Services for use originating in Rexburg. See BYU-Idaho Vehicle Policy. For overnight travel, a T.A. number will be required. For same-day travel, a T.A. number is not required. The online Vehicle Request Form will determine whether you need a T.A. based on the data entered regarding the trip.

Fleet credit cards are provided with each Fleet Services or other rental car and should be used for vehicle expenses while traveling. If it becomes necessary to use a personal credit card or cash, use the following procedure for reimbursement: (1) if a Fleet Services vehicle, turn in receipt to Fleet Services for reimbursement; (2) if a rental car company, include with T.A. expenses for reimbursement.

If a traveler is involved in an accident while driving a University vehicle, the department will be charged up to $250. The balance of the accident will be covered by University insurance. A personal vehicle may be used under the following conditions, if the insurance coverage requirements in section 8: Travel Insurance Coverage are met. The use of personal vehicles at the full approved rate is available only for travel to and from the Idaho Falls airport and other approved local area travel. A personal vehicle may be used for other University travel at half the approved rate if authorized by the department head. See the BYU-Idaho mileage table for a list of the current approved rates and mileage to select destinations.

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