The Travel Department is part of the Purchasing Department located in the Auxiliary Services Building. We are one of the departments that support your travel needs.

The Travel Office is dedicated to providing you with the very best travel support. We offer the following services:

  • Reservations for flight, car and hotel with competitive pricing. We are also excited to offer I Travel, our online booking tool for all single domestic destinations. Please go through the tutorial located on our home page. You are still welcome to call us if you are traveling with a group, multi destinations or internationally.
  • A web page containing current travel policy information and helpful links to other travel information is available on our web page also:
  • Air tickets will be centrally billed to BYU-Idaho's business travel account.
  • Our first priority is researching the least expensive airline fares. We would like to work together with you to find that 'best' fare. Non-refundable or penalty tickets will be selected when available and practical. We also use negotiated airline contracts when applicable. These negotiated rates are loaded in I Travel.
  • Our service hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. We can be contacted at:

Travel Office 208-496-2340
Jeorgette Requiron 208-496-2341
Trisha Cole 208-496-2342
Nikki Virgin 208-496-2345
I Travel Specialist 208-496-2343
Fax 208-496-6960
After Hours Emergency Phone 208-313-5660

Travel Authorization

You will need an approved Travel Authorization number to complete the purchase of airline tickets. Credit card numbers are required to confirm hotel rooms. The Travel Authorization form is electronic, and the link can be found HERE. If you are inviting someone to campus, we require a Guest Travel Request, available at the SAME WEB PAGE.

Emergency Assistance

If you have any questions or need assistance while you are traveling or after business hours, please call our emergency telephone number listed above. We can help with canceled flights, emergency return trips and most any needs you might have while traveling.


BYU-Idaho has an agreement with HTH Worldwide International Insurance. For more information about the procedure for medical emergencies, please see our website. This is for international travel and must be purchased by everyone. We also have International S.O.S. that can be used domestically to help find doctors while traveling. Please review this information before you travel.

Personal Travel

At this time we are not able to help with personal travel.

Traveler Profile

Please complete your Travel Profile on I Travel before you purchase a ticket. Profile data will ensure that the reservation request is processed appropriately. Frequent flyer numbers will be recorded and automatically added to reservations. Be aware that the frequent flyer card must match the name on the airline reservation. The Travel Office always recommends individuals check-in with their card on the day of travel to insure the miles are recorded. We will need your email address to send confirmation of ticketing. Airlines now also request a home phone number to alert you personally if there is a schedule change inside 48 hours of your flight.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is now enforcing their Secure Flight passenger program. When making airline reservations travelers (passengers) will now be required to provide their full name as it appears on government issued ID that you plan to use when traveling. We need to make sure the information is correct ot avoid problems. TSA can deny boarding and there could be penalties for missed flights. Please be prepared to provide this information to the Travel Office representatives when making reservations. Make sure if you are using I Travel to fill out your profile and that you list the correct name matching your ID as well as your date of birth and gender. For more information on Secure Flight please visit

Airline Tickets

An E-ticket will be issued for domestic and international travel. Most airlines now charge extra for a paper ticket. You will receive notification of ticketing via Trip Case. Trip Case is a web site with real-time itineraries, destination information, record of your invoice, and last minute flight schedule information. You are connected specifically to your reservation. In each airline ticket record we will record an email that will enable you to retrieve the ticketing information. Each email address registered to this ticket will receive a link to a web site that contains all of the flight information. This information will record any flight time or flight number change and update the record automatically. The Travel Office recommends the traveler print the itinerary and ticket information just before they travel, so the information is up to date.

The Travel Office will also have a live record of the traveler's information and resend the email to remind the traveler to review the flight information if there has been a major flight change.

Change or Cancel

Should a flight change be required, most airlines charge a fee to change a ticket. In addition to the fee there is a chance of paying a difference in the fare if your new ticket costs more than the original ticket. The traveler is responsible to get approval for the additional charge. If the traveler needs to change the return portion of the ticket after departure, they may call the airline directly or call the Travel Office for assistance. Usually the Travel Office can offer more options than the airline.

If the ticket must be canceled completely, please call the Travel Office. We can keep a log of canceled tickets. The destination, routing, and dates of travel may be changed, but the name cannot be changed. When the ticket is used again, there will usually be a penalty, plus additional fare.

Car Rental

Brigham Young University - Idaho's authorized rental car agencies are National and Hertz. Rental car reservations should be made through I Travel to ensure that contract rates, unlimited miles and insurance are appropriately applied. The standard rental car class is midsize. The rates may be advertised lower than what is quoted by I Travel, but those rates may not include everything Church Travel has negotiated for car rentals. Insurance is included in our car rental contracts. Car rental upgrades and gasoline options can add to cost of car rental. Decline all optional insurance and fuel service options. It is less expensive if you fill the gas tank prior to returning the rental car. Please read and follow directions to avoid an extra charge. Once the traveler initials a contract, it is very difficult to revise. It is important to report a rental car accident to the Travel Office.


Please refer to I Travel for rates and availability. Our discounted rates will show if available. The only direct bill hotels at this time are:
AmericInn       Rexburg, ID
Quaility Inn       Rexburg, ID
Springhill Suites       Rexburg, ID

BYU-Idaho has a preferred rate with Marriott, LaQuinta, and Best Western Hotels. Generally, we can find best rates available on hotels. 

If you need to cancel a hotel room that has been arranged on I Travel or through our office, please call us to cancel. Cancellation rules are included on "Trip Case" itineraries.

Per Diem and Mileage Charts

The Travel Office maintains the Per Diem and Mileage Charts. There is a link to the information from the Travel Office website.

Corporate Credit Card

Bank of America is BYU-Idaho's authorized charge card company. The traveler is strongly encouraged to use this card for all travel-related business expenses. Each traveler is responsible for the payment of monthly statements. Fees for late payment are also the traveler's responsibility. Report any lost or stolen cards to Bank of America and the Financial Account/Reporting Office at ext 1991.


Passports: The Travel Office would like to keep record of your passport if you have one. Responsibility for renewal and initial application is the traveler's. Most countries require your passport be valid for six months after scheduled departure from the international country. 

International Visas: The Travel Office utilizes a visa service agency for international visas. Contact the Travel Office for details on the countries you plan to visit. To apply for an international visa, you must have a valid passport.